During this 2 week long program, the students will learn introductory vocabulary through a variety of means of communication. They will be introduced to a word bank of vocabulary, learn how to apply the vocabulary through simple sentences. They will have simple conversations to practice what they have learned and a little bit of writing and speaking (adapted for the grade level). We will learn through and include music. Introductory topics: greetings, introductions, pronouns, simple verbs, colors, adjectives and animals. No background required. For this program, we will not expect students to have memorized all of the vocabulary, but rather to start opening their ears to a new language, drawing parallels between Spanish and the languages they know.

Day 1: Introduce Greetings

Day 2: Greetings continued

Day 3: Introductions

Day 4: Introductions continued

Day 5: Pronouns

Day 6: Simple verbs

Day 7: Simple verbs in a sentence, introduce colors

Day 8: Colors and adjectives

Day 9: Adjectives and animals

Day 10: Animals continued, wrap up