This program will be virtual.

This program will be set up to feature 3 different components each day:

1. Strategy

This is a non-active portion. We will be watching videos and discussing elements of tennis strategy like positioning, shot selection, opponent analysis, etc. The students will need to be able to see, hear, and participate on their Zoom device. No equipment will be required, though I will recommend students draw some diagrams that we will be looking at, in order to reinforce the concepts.

2. Skills Practice

For this part students will need enough room to swing a racquet, toss a tennis ball above their heads, and take about three full steps in any direction. If able, doing this outside would be best, but students can also participate if they have the required space indoors. They will not be hitting any tennis balls; the only reason that a ball is required is to practice the serve toss, but they’ll never be required to hit the ball with their racquet.

*We will take a short break after the skills portion.

3. Fitness

This will require roughly the same amount of space as the skills portion–the ability to move about three steps in any direction. We will be doing interval and strength training exercises, which will not require any equipment.

*Students will need their own racquet and ball to participate.