COVID-19 Safety Measures


*Please note that all information is subject to change based on guidance from the CDC and DC DOH.

  1. Vaccination is required of all eligible participants age 5 and older. Should the vaccine be made available to children age 4 and older before camp starts, they will also be required to receive the vaccination. If you are seeking an exemption to this policy, please email us directly for the application.
  2. Masks. GDS follows DC DOH masking guidance for schools and camps. We will provide more information on the guidance as we get closer to the start date of camp.
  3. Reporting Illness. If you or a family member is experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to any communicable illness you are required to stay home. Please speak to the camp office about options for virtual participation or refunds. We will also notify any families if their child has been exposed on campus.
  4. Cleaning. We will conduct routine cleaning of high traffic areas or touch surfaces. All areas will be equipped with cleaning supplies and staff will be trained on how to properly disinfect their classrooms.
  5. Hand Washing. Students and staff will be required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer throughout the day including when they are moving spaces, eating or drinking, using the restroom, and any other time deemed necessary.
  6. Ventilation. Our buildings have been equipped with MERV-13 filters as well as HEPA filters in every classroom.


For more information regarding COVID-19 please visit our Policies page or our FAQ page.