Summer Camps and Classes in DC

When looking at summer programs, you have many options. When you choose Summer @ GDS, your child will be given opportunities to broadly engage in learning in new ways. Our programs aim to support students’ non-academic and interpersonal development with the skills to become well-rounded, respectful, empathetic, caring, and responsible citizens. Check out our various programs to learn more!

Participants in GDS summer programs will participate in new and innovative academic and real-world experiences and will confidently be able to apply and share the skills and knowledge they have learned to the world beyond the program. Participants will build relationships by demonstrating empathy, respect, and concern for the well-being and perspectives of others, collaborating with individuals with whom they may not have prior relationships, and demonstrating creativity in problem-solving.

In the Summer @ GDS program, we are intentionally working to build the capacity of our students in a myriad of ways. For example, each of our programs is designed around our “A GDS Student will…” capacities. These are skills that students will need to have in their tool belt in order to enter into the world as well-rounded, respectful, empathetic, caring, and responsible citizens. These capacities are:

  • Build networks and collaborate across difference
  • Innovate and create
  • Take risks, tolerate failure, and learn from failure
  • Self-advocate
  • Think critically
  • Communicate clearly and powerfully
  • Tackle complex problems
  • Learn actively and resourcefully
  • Engage as a just, moral, ethical citizen
  • Lead