This day camp is about creativity, problem-solving, innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration. Each day, students will be given a challenge to address. Through a variety of activities and exercises, students will stretch their brains as they develop their 21st century skills. Students will learn how to learn from failure, explore the ideas of peers, brainstorm, and more!

Houses- learn about different types of homes around the world/ Design and create a model of an energy efficient home

Day 1- Learn about different types of houses around the world/ Brainstorm

Day 2- Alien invasion- Egg challenge/ Refine ideas/ create a design

Day 3- Spaghetti and Marshmallow tower/ begin prototype

Day 4- Build a bridge-Recreate a bridge design using spaghetti, or toothpicks/ Continue prototype/ Possible virtual field trip

Day 5- Complete energy efficient home design and prototype/ Parent presentation

Daily Format will be similar to:
9:00-9:30: Morning meeting, share, icebreaker, set up for the day
Break- Kids can gather materials
10:00-10:45: activity on own but zoom remains open so kids can see each other working.
11:30-12:00: Whole group activity
2:00-2:30: closing meeting, share, reflection, maybe journal time or story time