Say goodbye to training wheels! Participants will learn to ride safely and confidently over the course of the camp week; first by mastering balancing and gliding, then will easily transition to riding independently. We’ll master starting/stopping, speed control, turning, steering, riding in groups and around obstacles and hazards, and learn basic traffic safety and bicycle maintenance. Even the most reluctant riders will be beaming by week’s end, encouraged by our expert instructors and caring staff, specialized equipment, and lots of practice through games and fun.

Students will participate in bike riding lessons during one half of the day. The other half of the day students will have time for lunch, free play outside, and other activities such as arts and crafts, games, science experiments, and more.

*Bike rentals are included in the cost of the camp! Instructors use specialized bikes to help campers learn to ride. If a camper would like to bring their own bike towards the end of the week, they are welcome to do so.

*Please only sign up for ONE session. The purpose of this program is to learn to ride a bike in one week and signing up for more than one session will NOT be beneficial for your child.

*Please only register for one session.