As students and parents continue to acclimate to life after COVID-19, kids are still yearning for opportunities to grow socially, emotionally, and interpersonally.

Camp Self is a place where kids are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves to do and try things where they can embrace the identity of others, while further examining the identity of “self”.

School transitioning can be a scary place for those who come in feeling unprepared, overwhelmed, and unsure of how to best “fit in”.

This camp provides attendees with exploration in the DC/Metro area where they look for themselves in all they experience. From museums to illusion exhibits to historical artwork and other socially engaging activities, participants learn how to explore and experience things that enhance their awareness of self.

Attendees will experience the opportunity to create a example of what it looks like to create and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle internally and externally. Attendees will interact in activities that build social confidence and emotional intelligence with the goal of being empowered to leave the program as a better version of “self.” Attendees will learn how to navigate through the different settings in which their “best self” may be required, while also learning of the importance of how to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion during their everyday encounters amongst peers. 

Need a place to come for the summer, meet new friends, spend time with current friends, and learn key components on how to be the best version of yourself in every room you walk in; CAMP SELF IS FOR YOU :-).

This is a two week camp for middle school students.