*If you are a current GDS 9th grader taking Algebra 1, please reach out to us directly about taking this class.

The summer Geometry course will take place over 6 weeks. This is an accelerated semester-long course, which is challenging due to its fast pace. Students cannot miss more than 3 days or 9 hours of class time. This class will be graded as a pass or fail course. The minimum percentage to pass the course is 60%. There will be a midterm and a final exam. Course topics include logic and methods of reasoning, angle relationships, parallel and perpendicular lines, polygons, congruence, similarity, circles, right triangle trigonometry, volume, and area. The teacher for this course will provide a mid-semester progress report at the end of week three to all parents via email. There will be an end of course transcript with the final grade of pass or fail emailed to all parents. The teacher will also be available by email if there are any concerns or discussions needed by families.

*If you are a non-GDS student and require a letter grade on your transcript, please be sure to request this by the first day of class and provide any contact information for your school.

*NO CAMP ON JUNE 19, JULY 4, and JULY 5.