In this program students will participate in the photography portion of the camp for one half of the day and the newspaper portion for the second half of the day. Students will be given the opportunity to use their smartphones if they would like, or GDS will provide iPads and Chromebooks.

Have you ever wanted to be a Photographer? Well, this is the camp for you! In this specialty digital photography camp, we’ll learn the basics of Digital Photography, in all of its forms. Every day, we’ll take pictures, do photography, and learn about photography. We’ll discuss Composition, Lighting and other core strategies that allow professionals to take incredible photos. Along the way, we’ll have an “editing day” take pictures of campus, go on nature tours, and even create professional portfolios for local businesses!

Have you ever wanted to be a reporter? To keep people informed on the important happenings in your community? Well this is your chance! In this class, we’ll explore the ins and outs of both broadcast and print journalism. We’ll create a newspaper, where we take on roles as editors and article writers to bring a high quality publication to our fellow students. We’ll create a video log of short, journalistic videos explaining what’s going on at our school. Along the way, we’ll learn things like storyboarding, simple video editing, and interviewing!